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High Efficiency ABS Wine Aerator Cooling Machine With Cooling Cup To Keep The Wi

High Efficiency ABS Wine Aerator Cooling Machine With Cooling Cup To Keep The Wi

1.INSTANT AERATING PROCESS FOR A BETTER TASTING WINE - Letting the wine breathe for a while is a statement of the past. Although wine is not actually ‘breathing’, it is just a form to get air to bring out the best flavors and aromas that express a sense of place. To bring this experience up, The Belwares Electric Wine Aerator uses multiple air ventilation that helps the wine get enough oxidation to release the sensual side so you can turn your regular night into adorable memory 2.AERATES AS IT POURS IN JUST ONE TOUCH - By placing the glass on the decanter stand, you can watch the glass filled with red wine as it passes through the instant aeration process to enhance the flavor. Our wine dispenser decanter breather system takes less than 16s to pump air pressure up from 0 to 300mmHg to oxidize your wine so the flavors and aromas will flatten out 3.COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC TO POUR, BREATHE, AND SERVE - The Belwares Wine Aerator Decanter requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included) to begin the wine breathing and pouring process. You just need to press the button on top and watch it flow from the wine pump 4.BEST IN CLASS AND EASY TO USE - This elegant electric wine dispenser & aerator pourer has the perfect dimensions to suit wine bottles of up to 750ml. To celebrate the special moments in life, take out the cooling cup, fill it with water and put it into the freezer for 2 hours so you when you put it back on the device along with the wine bottle, you can savor chilled wine and enjoy in the company of loved ones 5.ENJOY THE TASTE OR WE’LL REFUND YOU - Belwares backs your purchase by our trusted and unconditional lifetime guarantee. If for some reason our electric wine aerator dispenser does not live up your expectations, ship it back to us within 30 days for a full and prompt refund

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