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Mini Underwear Sterilizer GFS-D3

Mini Underwear Sterilizer GFS-D3

Type: UV light
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: GFS-D3
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Name: mini underwears uv sterilizer
Material: ABS PC
Color: pink , or customer designed Capacity: polymer lithium 400mAh
Weight: 102g
Voltage: 3.7V
Working current: 0.2A
Operation time:: sterilization 6mins ,1pcs of underwears each time
Function: female/male underwears sterilizer ,mini size ,high sterilizing rate

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new products looking for distributor portable UV sterilizer ,uvc sanitizer sterilizer ,underwear /clothes sterilizer

   D3 is mini size ,high sterilizing rate .

Why we design this device ? Are you sure your underwear is clean enought ?

When the weather is very hominy;
when the mites are breeding ;
when you are traveling;
1.80% women in the world are suffering from different level of gynecologic disease and the main reason to cause this is cross infection.This appliance can effecetively  cut off the chance of second time transmission.
2.During wet season or plum rain season, the clothing can not be dried up ue to the high humidity ,which provides a good condition for viruses &bacteria to grow.

Here is it coming for your healthy !
D3 is mini underwear sterilizer both for male and female, it use UV lights to kill virus.
it has 400mah 3.7 lithium battery can be rechargeable and last work 6minutes per time.
Car about your health,start from the inside. 

Voltage :3.7V 
Working current:0.2A 
Material: ABS PC

Working time: sterilizing 6 minutes ,1pcs of underwear per time