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  • 2F, Building 1, Huahan Tech Park. No.16 Jinniuxi road, Pingshan, Longgan District, Shenzhen, China 518118

    Culture of our company                                                                                        

     Tenet of our Our Mission: Gathering talents to make amazing products. Create bright future with innovation.

    Our Mission: Serve our customers meticulously and create wealth together。


     Core Value: Dominate the market with outstanding quality and continuous innovation.


     Culture of our quality: No defective materials be accepted, No defective products be made, No defective products be provided.

     Culture of our management: Care what you care,Do what you want.

     Safe and healthy environment                                                                            

Good Faith always adhere to the people-centered, care about the occupational health and safety of employees, focus on create a safe, clean and pleasant working environment.

We have well-organized workshop, spacious and bright office, Facilities are fully equipped with pantry,what’s more,a big balcony with flowers can be a good place for short break.

     Employe Performance & Activities                                                                     

Human resources is the invisible wealth of our company,  even employees come from different cities and have different culture, but they are all dedicated to their work and make great contribution to the development of the company.
Not only produce amazing products , but also show their charming charactors and personality.

It is a culture to learn from each other,learn Thanksgiving and be sincere between our colleagues. This culture leads the whole company united and harmonious, proactive, innovative and realistic.