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Beer Dispensing System GFS-B182

Beer Dispensing System GFS-B182

Type:Bar Sets
Material:Plastic, ABS, Silicone Gel
Plastic Type:ABS
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:GFS-B182

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Bar Accessory  Castle Beer Dispenser with Cooling Cup, Suitable for both Can Beer and Bottle Beer

ICan has been working on Beer Foam Makers/Beer Dispenser since 2012, and has been launching new items each year. Here's the ground-breaking New Beer Dispenser launched in 2017 Otc HK Electronics Fair.

1. This is the first Beer Dispenser, suitable for bottle beer, bottle height below 355ml.

2. This is the first Beer Dispenser designed to serve 2 beers in the same time.

3. This is the first Beer Dispenser with cooling system, which is a great desire from beer lovers worldwide.

Beautiful Castle design, makes your party more than just classy!!! 

I love beer foam head on my beer, love this beer dispenser, it doesn't just pour the beer for you, it also does the magic to the beer, create creamy fine foam head!!!

Below is a Beer Dispenser family gathering taken in HK Electronics Fair, the Castle Beer Dispenser looks like their king!